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The Most Gorgeous Lingerie For Girly Mommies

5 m read

My little one is almost here and that means my preparations for nursing have officially begun with the shopping and stocking up on nursing bras! I thought it was the perfect time to do a little You! Lingerie Review for you! So far I can say that I have successfully nursed two babies and I still plan to do so for my third little bundle of joy.

Nursing can be a not so glamorous task and it is an even harder ordeal to find nursing clothing and intimates that make you …

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The Best Feminine Styles of Instagram From October Part 2

2 m read

Another week is officially behind us and that means I have another Instagram round up to share!

This darling home decor is from my very own dear friend Nicky Sinclair and if you’re not following her yet on Instagram you definitely just! Her photos are beyond gorgeous and she has such fantastic taste and she also has an etsy shop as well! You can find her IG right here.

This week my Instagram was full of a mixture of pretty things.

From inspirational …

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Life | Wishing You A Happy & Glam Halloween

2 m read

I hope you had an absolutely happy & glam Halloween!

We sure did! I just can’t believe it came so fast and is now already behind us.

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine and it’s not just because of all that delicious candy. Of course when I was little that was something I majorly looked forward to but there’s so much more fun to Halloween than just the yummy treats!

Now, It’s such a different experience being grown up and  a parent during Halloween. This isn’t a …

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The Most Glam Mommy & Me Time Ever

3 m read

Life get’s pretty hectic and at times I truly do find it hard to find time to just stop and enjoy myself or just enjoy my families company.  I know am not alone with this, right?

There’s so much to stay on top of and to keep up with these days, and that is why I believe that it is essential that we plan and schedule having fun!

My little Chloe is not someone that I have to convince to enjoy herself.

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The Best Feminine Styles of Instagram From October

3 m read

Oh yes! I am a total Instagrammer! Out of all of my social media outlets, that’s where I spend the most time and it shows! I just love sharing little slices of pretty and getting to see other darling Instagrams as well! What I love so much about Instagram is the fact that it allows me to be in complete control ( well almost) of the kind of stuff I see. Because I love pretty and cute things so much and they make me feel oh so happy, I follow a lot of …

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Must Have Girly Clothing Staples

2 m read

Hey Ladies I am back with a classic and cute maternity outfit for you and to also talk a little bit about one of my must have wardrobe staples!

I love black and white as a color combination and combine that with some Pink and I am one happy gal!

I cannot, repeat, cannot! get enough of the maternity jeggings from ripe maternity. They match just about everything I pull out of my wardrobe, whether I am throwing together a quick look to take Chloe …

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