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The T3 Micro Cura, Blowdryers Can’t Get Any Lovelier

3 m read

Blow-dryers are tools that I take very seriously.

Why? Because I have super crazy, frizzy and thick hair. That means it takes FOREVER for my hair to air dry and blowdry.

What makes the T3 Micro Cura Blowdryer so special? It can drastically shorten your blow-drying time & more ..

I don’t know about you, but there are so many things other than blow-drying my hair that I’d like to do. That makes a tool like this is a necessity.

There is no other hairstyling brand out there that I …

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Handbags For Spring That Are Oh So Feminine & Cute

6 m read

Handbags are just one of my greatest obsessions. They always have been and I can’t quite explain why I LOVE them so much. But I’m going to go ahead and try to explain why while also sharing with you the beauties that are giving me total heart eyes this Spring.


Are you circle bag obsessed like me?

I don’t know what it is about the circle bags but they have captivated me like no other! Maybe it’s the fact that before recently, we rarely saw circle bags and now that there are some I felt …

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Fairytale Aesthetic Pins

Why I’m Not Ashamed of Getting Older & What I’ve Learned Along The Way

4 m read

Today marks my 27th birthday!! I already feel like I’ve lived a lifetime. That could be due to the fact that I have children lol. There have been so many blessings in my life and many trials that I have faced.

Age has always been a funny thing to me. As a woman I’ve always gotten the sense that we’re supposed to feel ashamed about our age and that’s not something I want to give in to.

We should be proud of how far we have come in our lives. We should be proud of the …

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Let Them Eat Cake Pins

Festival Season Essentials From Babble Boxx

4 m read

Thank you to Babble Boxx for sponsoring this post & helping me continue my dream. Festival season is upon us and because of this I was sent a package of goodies delivered by Babble Boxx inspired by the festival season. In this post I’m sharing with you all of the details there is to know about these goodies & exactly where you can find them if you’d like to give them a try yourself.


A Smart Straightener

First up is the fabulous keratin dual touch styler iron by LumaBella. I actually have been meaning to …

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Chloe’s Hunt For The Perfect Easter Dress

2 m read

Thank you to Macy’s for Sponsoring this post & helping us to continue sharing content we love with you!

We’re so close to Easter & that fact is something Chloe couldn’t be more excited about. Next to Christmas, Easter is one of her favorite holidays and of course, finding a beautiful dress for this day is essential!

To find the perfect dress for Easter Chloe and I headed to Macy’s. They always deliver when it comes to beautiful dresses and occasion-ware for the kids, especially for Easter.

This year …

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