Rebecca Minkoff Small Amorous’ Satchel Review

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I’m back with another little beauty for you with this Rebecca Minkoff Small Amorous’ Satchel Review.

This bag was truly love at first sight for me.

While I was browsing through all of the goodies available during the Nordstrom anniversary sale, I came across this lovely bag, which actually wasn’t a part of the sale unfortunately for me, but hey it’s on sale now!!

I am a lover of anything pink, and when I discover bags that are just the right shade of pink, I find that I must scoop them up immediately.

Still, I wasn’t too sure if I would actually be crazy about this bag, but I thought if it doesn’t match my expectations I can easily just send it back.

So the time comes, and actually rather fast (thank you for that Nordstrom!), and there she was waiting for me on the doorstep. Chloe eagerly helped me open the box (she goes goo goo for package deliveries!), and we both oohed and ahed at the loveliness of this bag! Like I mentioned before, it was love at first sight, and not a virtual love at first sight, it was the classic version.

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There actually is a larger version of this bag available, but I wanted to get this size to compare it to another small favorite of mine, the Kate Spade New York Mini Maise ( which you can see in another tutorial).

Now I am a big gal kind of girl, like I previously mentioned, but I do find small bags like these perfect for occasions such as, going to the museums ( we live near DC, so there are many opportunities for this!), theme parks, concerts or any kind of occasion where a big bag is just too BIG! I am so in love with this bag to the point that I will be carrying it much more often then that!

The main reason why I thought I wouldn’t love this bag as much as I do, was because of the size.  Being a momma and all, there’s so much I find myself having to stuff in my bag when i’m out on the go, so usually I shy away from buying anything that I deem as too small.

The small Amorous is truly such a stunner though, and just like with anything that we believe to be “worth it“, comprises must be made! That means not carrying so much stuff teehee!

So for exact dimensions this is what this little beauty measures at 10 ½”W x 8″H x 4″D with a 4″ strap drop; 19 ½” – 24″ crossbody strap drop. I would say pictures don’t do it much justice for size because when I was shopping online I expected it to hold much less in person than it actually can. I took a snapshot below of what I was currently carrying in my bag at the time so you can get a good idea! My wallet is a Kate Spade travel wallet and you have to not that its much larger than most ladies wallets. it’s about the size of a book and it fits very well into this little bag. The bag is divided into two compartments so I put the wallet with some lipsticks and a pen on one side and than an actual book { currently reading #GIRLBOSS } on the other side. There a zip complement inside as well and two pocket holders. One fit my iPhone 6 Plus just right!

The bag doesn’t close with a zipper instead there’s a leather latch with a magnetic closure that happens to do it’s job quite well!



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Let’s talk quality because honestly to me when you spend money  on a bag this should be one of the most important factors right? Well we all are in luck here because the quality  of this bag is top-notch! I’m so not worried about this bag falling apart on me or coming undone in anyway. It truly appears to be very well made. It’s made out of saffiano leather which is one of my favorite leather choices when it comes to my handbags.

Why you may ask? Saffron leather is very durable and won’t leave you worried about scratches and scuffs or stains (as much). You can’t always keep your purse super protected when your out like a baby so it’s nice to have the comfort in knowing that it’s kind of got it’s own back ! It comes with golden protective metal feet which keeps it from actually touching the floor, if you set it there. One of my favorite parts is the interior lining! It Rebecca Minkoff’s log jacquard lining and this exact style doesn’t come in all of their bags. I had a really hard time getting a good photo of it  but I would describe it as  a black and white kind of cheetah-like print and against the blush pink color it’s so darn adorable, Girly squeak!! I can’t leave out how darling the gold accents all through out the bag are along with the blush exterior, either.


Where Can You Get It?

Were at the most important part now  if you are as sold on this bag as I was!

I bought this bag at Nordstrom and I have to share with you something absolutely wonderful about Nordstrom. If you ever make a purchase from them and something like this happens to you like it just did to me, you spend full price and a week later its on sale, contact them and they refund you the difference! They’ve done this twice for me so far! And they don’t give you a hard time what so ever about it, just wonderful I tell you!

If you want to get this elsewhere, I’ve been able to find it right here as well.

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icm_fullxfull.69610712_jn4ly6m7wbw4wc4co8ss.jpg The Bag // Rebecca Minkoff ‘Small Amorous’ Satchel //Found here

I can’t wait to share more lovely bags with you! Make sure you check out my outfit tutorials when you get a chance as well. Until next time,                                                                                                                                                         



  • Yanhearts
    September 25, 2015

    OMG! So pretty!
    I am finding structured leather bags in this kind of shade. Pastel pink.
    I have the large version of RM Amorous satchel but have yet to use it.


    • lex
      September 26, 2015

      I would love to give the larger version a go! I love bigger bags! Xo!


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