The Purse Diaries | Kate Spade Cedar Street Mini Maise Review

The Kate Spade Cedar Street Mini Maise … Now this is absolutely a little beauty to love!

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Ever since Kate Spade New York released this mini version of one of their signature bags, the mini maise , my heart was instantly captured and I knew I had to get one for myself!

Naturally, I was drawn to the pastel colors over the darker options and I ended up settling with this “celeste blue”( I really wanted the pink too!). Whenever I see pastel blues or light blues such as this, Cinderella instantly comes to my mind. Something about that just makes me happy and want to buy whatever it is right on the spot! I know that may sound silly and honestly I don’t even know where that’s coming from! Cinderella wasn’t my absolutely favorite Disney princess or anything!

Anyhooo…. The purse had me totally swooning so I said Yes, to the Purse!

Now, when I purchased this bag, I wasn’t thinking this would be a practical bag for my everyday kind of use. It’s just too small for that! However, it is a great bag if you find your self going to an event such as a concert, maybe somewhere outdoors, or where ever you find yourself not wanting to carry around too much baggage, heehee!

Most of the time, I find myself using this bag just for it’s cute factor because I really do need more space for carrying what I need when I am out.



If you happen to have an iPhone 6 plus like I do, you may find yourself irritated a bit with this bag. My husband seems to think the phone fits just fine into the mini maise, which if you choose not to zip it, it can fit in the bag upright, but I am not comfortable with doing this. If you want to fit your phone into the bag horizontally it can do that as well but it takes a bit of effort to do so. It won’t just easily go in that way so just be aware of that.

Here are the mini maise’s exact dimensions:

  • 5.5”h x 7”w x 3”d
  • drop length: 3” handheld, 21” strap

I also took a shot to show you (you can find it below) what exactly I can fit in this bag which includes the iPhone 6 plus, a few lipsticks,  eyeshadow, a pen and I actually have to just put my cards and ID as is in here, since my wallet will in no way fit!  You may have more luck with this if you happen to have a Darla ( Kate Spade New York card and money holder).


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When it comes to the quality of the bag, it is absolutely superb!  The material is made of cross-hatched leather, which I find totally great because it is very durable. So you can expect this baby to not get scratched up while you go about your daily business.

The mini maise is also made with 14-karat light gold plated hardware, which is very pleasing to the eye of course!

Katespademinimaise (1 of 1)-4

Other Details..

I love when purses come with adjustable straps and this baby definitely has one! You’ll also find one interior slide pocket inside, along with Kate Spade’s custom woven caroleena dot lining. If you’re purchasing this bag brand new it should come with a lovely little dust bag as well. If you happen to be buying it used ( which you just might if you want to find a special color) most likely you’ll get it with a dust bag too. Just ask the seller specifically in case it’s not mentioned in their details.

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Where Can You Get It?

If you are happy with this in black you are in luck because you can head right on over to Kate Spade New York and buy it! Also be sure that you signup for their emails because you’ll get 15% off, I believe.

Now, if you want a pretty pastel color, like this one, you’re going to have to do some searching.

Ebay is always a great option but please make sure you look into the ratings and reviews of the person you’re buying from so you can save yourself time and hassle, later on. Tradesy is another option to consider when buying used bags bu
t I would really do some hunting on Ebay or else where first. The reason I make this suggestion is because from my research, their prices tend to be way more inflated compared to other places I’ve scored deals from. I would buy here if you found the exact color and bag you want and you can’t find it anywhere else!

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I’ll be sharing the Rebecca Minkoff Small Amorous Satchel, right here on The Purse Diaries next!

Please share your thoughts when you can!


  • Tiffany
    January 11, 2016

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if this blue color was a limited edition that they are not going to produce anymore? Can’t find it anywhere :(

  • Traci
    December 16, 2015

    I just purchased this purse. I almost cried when it sold out last winter. However, Macy’s has the Rose Jade KS Mini Maise for $131.99. I could not type any faster to submit my order. I was a bit reserved last year with the price due to me getting the KS Melinda(full size purse) for $130. I am so thankful it was sold out last year. Now I finally have it and I paid less the original cost. It is such a dainty purse and it fits my prissiness to the T.

    • lex
      December 16, 2015

      I am so glad you finally got it Traci! I was so ecstatic to see them back in stores! I bought myself the snapdragon pink! So now I have the blue, the snapdragon pink and the rose jade as well! I love the daintiness of them so much too!!

  • Felicia
    September 15, 2015

    This purse is absolutely adorable! I first noticed it in the pink color when it was first released. My husband was going to get it as a gift for me but then the pink sold out! Haha Micheal Kors also has a similar style for people not finding much luck with this one.

    BTW I recently discovered your blog and I love it! You are definitely an inspiration for my blog I just started and I’m also a fellow DC metropolitan! Thanks for sharing!

    • lex
      September 16, 2015

      Aw man I hate when the stuff you really want sells out! That always happens to me girl! Thank you so much, that is so awesome that your in DC! I definitely need to check out your blog dear :*


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