The Most Glamorous Sequin Hangers by Glitter & Bow


Hello fabulous ladies!

I am uber excited to be sharing the darling little shop, Glitter & Bowin my Lines To Love section this week.


This sparkling ( my favorite adjective) shop is ran by Rachel, a totally chic gal with a passion for adding  some sparkle and a glam touch to everyday items.

Her shop, offers quite the arrange of darling items that are sure to add a lovely feel to your office, closet and practically any space.


If you have happened to be a visitor of my blog for some time now, i’m sure you noticed pretty fast that I happen to be tulle skirt obsessed. And because of this fact I like to store and display my pretty skirts in a fabulous way.

That’s how I stumbled upon Glitter & Bow.

I wanted something super glam and chic to hang my skirts with and thought that some sequin hangers were the absolute way to go.  Glitter & Bow offers two options for hanging your skirts and I opted for the clip sequin hangers as shown.


You’re not limited to just hanging skirts when it comes to purchasing hangers from this shop. You can get regular hangers as well.

We even got hangers for Chloe (my little), one for her dresses and one for her fabulous bliss tulle skirt.

Rachel goes above and beyond with the packaging details and had my heart melting when opening the package. She had made custom tags for Chloe and I and seeing her name across the tag of her very own special hanger was oh so adorable (and cute right?!). Chloe felt so special too!


The hangers come in gold and silver sequins (major yay!) and the color combo mixed with my tulle skirts had my girly side on cloud 9!

Aside from the lovely sequin hangers, Rachel has so many other fab items to get including clothing. Speaking of which, I have my eyes set on the shop’s new sequin leggings and they couldn’t come at a better time since were heading into the holiday season! So so glam and just my style and they come in black and gold! Definitely going to need to get myself one of each!



With the holiday season being right around the corner, Glitter & Bow is definitely on my must-shop list and should be on yours too!






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