What Really Is So Wrong with Being Feminine?

I’m stepping outside of my normal style of blogging and delving a bit deeper into a personal place. Sometimes maybe it’s not clear as to why I share my style and a love for the things I do and i’d like to explain that better here.

 If you’ve been coming to this special little place that I’ve put together on the internet, then you must know I love pink. At least I hope that’s clear hehe.

I am so far from being the kind of person that thinks just because I love or like something, so should you.

No, absolutely not.

I share a love for pink and the feminine style as a way of embracing the way these two things make me feel. And even more important I do this to encourage women, regardless of what color or style they love to do more of what makes them happy too.

What's really so wrong with being feminine?

I firmly believe in supporting women and building each other up. Not tearing each other down. What a waste of energy right?

This is always a subject that bothers me a bit when people question why my style is so pink or so feminine. It’s as though today’s society is so against the feminine style out of fear that embracing the color pink or pretty clothes will somehow make you inferior or stupid to others. Now that’s just silly isn’t?

We are far more than the colors we love or the clothes we wear. I couldn’t believe that more.

Sometimes I feel like I’m losing hope in humanity. You see everywhere people fighting over just about anything. Important topics, I can understand to a degree. But trying to put down people for simple things that they love and are harmless to others, is nonsense. It makes me feel as though humans look just for just about anything to fight or hurt each other over. It is hard for me to understand when I am the type of person that tries to build others up as often as I can.

Loving the color pink doesn’t make me dumb. Embracing the feminine style doesn’t mean I think women should be suppressed to being just housewives or that I believe they don’t have the right to accomplish all that their hearts desire.

What's really so wrong with being feminine?

I simply am just finding my way of bringing positivity & light to a little piece of the Internet. No, I don’t show people all facets of my life, I like to keep parts of my life private, but J’adore Lexie Couture is a part of me.

Life is not perfect & I am far from that. My social media posts and my blog posts are not created to make you believe in some false life I am living.

Everything I create, produce & publish is for the purpose of positivity & inspiration in a place that I, for the most part, have control of.

Life is not always pretty & can actually be very ugly at times. For me, J’adore Lexie Couture is a world where I can choose to focus on the passion that comes from my real life and keep out all of the things I don’t like.

What's really so wrong with being feminine?

When I first started sharing my love for the feminine style I talked with countless women that told me they wish they could do the same. They all had many reasons as to why they didn’t fully embrace the style but one of the most common was stepping out of their comfort zones.

What would other people think of them now that they were wearing dresses and finally dressing the way they always wanted to?

That really got to me.

I can totally understand, too. When I was 15 I went out and bought a bunch of dresses. I didn’t have too many in my closet at the time. I was so excited about this and started envisioning all the places I would wear my NEW dresses to. Then fear crept in.. I started to doubt my self. I started to worry if people would make fun of me for wearing dresses when it wasn’t popular at the time.

How sad is that? You find something that makes you happy, and it quickly fades out of fear of what others may think? It’s not like I wanted to tattoo something obscene on my forehead. I simply just wanted to wear a dress.

What's really so wrong with being feminine?

When I hear from other women that wearing dresses more often is what they really want to do but they’re just too nervous to do it, I think back to how I felt as my 15-year-old self.

I so badly wish I could give them the courage to just go right ahead and do it but I don’t have that ability.

Clothes are just clothes, I know this.

I’m not saying go buy as much as you can right now and you’ll be happy.

No. That’s silly.

But buying a few items that will better reflect who you are and how you feel on the inside, I see nothing wrong with that.

What's really so wrong with being feminine?

I feel like people so much want to push us all to be alike, and I can understand those that find comfort in being similar to one another. But I think the road to happiness is discovering to truly be yourself.

I know you probably hear this over and over again and it may be a tad cliche, but it’s true.

After blogging about the feminine style for a while now, there are still people that try to push me to change & mention maybe it would be best for me if I did what was more popular. I get confused by this because that’s just not me and it never will be.

What's really so wrong with being feminine?

I’m creating my own path and every day I am happy to walk it. Others may not agree with the latest dress I’m loving or the current this or that I’m adoring, and that’s totally ok but please you others just because I’m not like you don’t tell me I should be any different than who I am.

Just like the other women that have reservations when it comes to embracing the style they so desire to, I once felt that way and I also found a way overcome it.

What's really so wrong with being feminine?

Every day I choose to go out into the world and show it my colorful & happy self and all I want is for others to do the same as well.

Before I sign off here I must say to you special people that know 100% who you are, THANK YOU. You come to my blog and leave supportive comments, send emails with your personal stories with words of encouragement and leave comments on my social posts. I appreciate every single one of you more than you could ever know & you have helped me so much through my blogging journey.

Love you.


  • Ashley Bird
    May 29, 2017

    I’ve followed your Instagram for about two years now. I’ve always obsessed over your super cute girly style. I always wished I could be that way too. My body honestly doesn’t feel comfortable enough in dresses like it used too. After having a baby I guess that will do that to you. But thank you for continually inspiring. I love this post and hope more women will embrace being girly and cute. It’s not a bad thing! I could go on lol, but anyways thank you so much ????

  • Jenn B.
    May 16, 2017


    I love reading your blog and love your style! Never change for anyone. Stepping outside the norm you will always have the naysayers sadly. People tend to naturally be conformists and you are not that! Keep being an inspiration to us women to always be ourselves!


    • lex
      June 28, 2017

      Thank you so much Jenn! I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to your but your encouraging words mean so much! Thank you love.

  • Nea
    May 14, 2017

    Thank you for this article. I have been struggling with being who I am and know I finally see I can be that pretty pastel princess that I had always wanted to be. Thank you for giving me that little push to break free from this all black non feminine culture I have grown and where I wasn’t happy. From now on I will only wear things that make me happy :) Thank you so much!!

  • Mary Colleen
    May 12, 2017

    Thank you for saying this. Though my style isn’t as girly as yours (though I adore pinks, tulle, and dresses) it took me a while to step out of my fears and pursue blogging. I am a pretty brainy and academic person and I feared for a long time that starting a blog might taint my image. I feared I would be dismissed in my other skills being stereotyped as a blond girl who likes fashion. But more and more I realized it was who God made me and that I could be both sides of myself. Thank you for being yourself and being bold in that. Wearing pink (or sparkles) should never mean that we are less than we are.


  • Monika
    May 9, 2017

    Hello Lexie,
    You are amazing in what You do and in Your courage to embrace things that You love (that are 99% the same as I love:o) By doing that You encouraged me too to be the princess I always wanted to be – and not only because of my clothes but mostly I would like to be that in my heart most of the time. So continue Your great work, Your taste is so beautiful and dofferent that it makes my heart sings and brings me smiles eveyrtime I come here:o) And the next day I put on some beatiful dress too and think of You If I am scared to do so:o)! And than it is worth it – the feeling of overcominf the fear and being “princess” anyway is amazing!:o) Thank You for being You, do not change because what You are si perfect!

  • Princess Smitty
    May 7, 2017

    Oh, Lexie, this post is so beautiful — just as you are as a person!!! You have me in tears, and I so agree that we need to pursue what makes us happy, not what everyone expects of us or boxes us in to do. This world needs MORE pink!!!! And it certainly needs more of the feminine touch! Don’t let anyone get you down, and continue being the inspiration that you are. You show us it’s always okay to channel our inner princess. You’re a beautiful person and inspire the rest of us to be, too. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! xox

  • Lynda
    May 7, 2017

    I am 60 years old and I love reading your blog! I have loved pink since high school and still do. I always look forward to your opinions and seeing your decorating, clothes, shoes and handbags. You are timeless! Love ya’ Lady!!

  • Pamela Gordon
    May 6, 2017

    Great post Lexi boo! Love you girl and this is such a great reminder to be who you want to be! Love you!!

  • Kendra
    May 6, 2017

    Lexie, you are a lovely and shining inspiration from the inside out. Those who criticize you for choosing to present your beautiful self as a feminine and sweet lady can only come from a place of deep insecurities and should be shown compassion and pity. Thank you for being you and encouraging others to do the same.

  • Andrea
    May 6, 2017

    Just read your blog. You are beautiful I love your style ! You should keep inspiring us women who want to dress dressy! ❤️

  • Liz
    May 6, 2017

    Lexie, you have the prettiest style ever and I commend you for stepping outside the norm. I thinkslot of people are afraid of wearing dresses but I believe it is so important to do and wear what makes you feel most beautiful. I feel the same way about my dresses. They make me feel pretty, feminine, and alive… that’s how fashion should make you feel. Keep doing what you’re doing!! Xo



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