How To Style Your Baby Bump In A Tulle Skirt

How To Style Your Baby Bump In A-5
How To Style Your Baby Bump In A-6

I am so incredibly excited to be sharing this girly tulle skirt tutorial showing you How To Style Your Baby Bump In A Tulle Skirt! If you need some one-on-one help for dressing that darling little baby bump in the most girly-chic stylish ways book a service with me right now!

Pre-baby belly, you’ll find me in a tulle skirt very often but since

girly tulle skirt-1-5

I’ve been pregnant not quite as much. Some tulle skirts are still a go for me especially if they have the comfortable and stretchy waist bands!


How could I ever be a true pink loving kind of gal without having one of my most favorite things { tulle skirts} in the darling shade of pink?? As you can imagine it is a must-have in my book.


When it comes to styling choices with tulle skirts, I believe you can be very versatile when it comes to what you choose. Add a lovely blouse to the skirt if you want a chic and polished look or you can add something a bit more simple, like the black and white striped top I chose here, and you’ll still be left with an absolutely divine ensemble.



I don’t know exactly what it is within me that still finds tulle skirts so incredibly appealing.It must be the ballerina in me that never quite went away long past the days of dance. But hey we don’t have to limit tulle skirts to being a piece only for ballerinas!

There are so many chic ways to wear one and there are also so many wonderful muses to look to for tulle-wearing inspiration.



When I am wearing a tulle skirt, I feel like I am just radiating happiness! There really is some kind of tulle skirt effect and being able to wear a tulle skirt with my baby bump is just absolutely the best.

I’ve included some different options in the slider below for you if you happen to be loving this look and wanting something similar. There are some links for maternity and non maternity striped tops and a few different options for pink tulle skirts depending on your price preference.

How do you like to wear a girly tulle skirt?

girly tulle skirt

Get the look: necklace / shoes / bag

the best skirt every girly needs in her closet



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