My Kate Spade Holiday Essentials List

This post has been sponsored by Kate Spade, my most favorite brand ever!.. hehe and you must know all opinions are absolutely 100% my very own ;)

It’s Christmas Eve Loves!!

I know I keep telling you that as if you didn’t already know. I’m just excited!

So I wanted to share a short and sweet post for you, right on the blog, featuring my Kate Spade Holiday essential checklist.

If you know me, you know that for YEARS I have been the biggest fan of Kate Spade.

They’re a brand that just gets me. I’m colorful, I love pink and bows and Kate Spade, well they just understand.

So naturally, with it being the holiday season, I wanted to share this essential list of mine.

This includes sparkly shoes, a girls gotta sparkle, am I right? I have these shoes in just about every single color.

And I kid you not I wear them every single day with either a dressy dress or a more casual look. They’re just perfect and most definitely an essential!

Next up is an adorable bag. A Kate Spade one, of course, is my favorite.

It’s pretty challenging to find a handbag that comes in a pink shade, has amazing quality and won’t make you completely broke. Kate Spade checks every single one of those points.

Another essential, a good book. Let’s be honest the holiday season brings a bit of craziness along with it.

So I like to sneak away for some quiet time and open up my All In Good Taste book to bring myself back to life.

Last but not least on the list, a pretty little watch.

Kate Spade has such a pretty selection of watches and one of my most favorite watches ever is a Kate Spade watch.

I recently got a new one and it’s navy with floral detailing. Navy isn’t normally something I would choose but I thought with it being winter it would be a nice change. And I also thought the navy would contrast all of my pink in a lovely way.

My Kate Spade Holiday Essentials List

What essentials are getting you fabulously through the season?



  • You are the true sweetheart, dear Lexie!!! A very Happy New Year to you! And I’ll try not to be such a stranger. You know I love reading your posts, and you know how much I love your fashion sense! Tulle skirts and lots of pink — heavenly!!!

  • OMG, Lexie, this outfit is divine! But I especially LOVE that skirt! It’s so divine, so ultra-feminine and pretty!!! I definitely NEED that skirt!!! I’m not sure you fully know what an inspiration you are, helping us embrace our true selves!!! I have unlocked my inner Princess, and I’m so much happier for it. I love being a girly-girl and all that involves!!!! Life is better in pink, and especially in a tulle skirt!!! Thank you! Thank you! Happy New Year!!!

    • You are such a sweetheart my dear I’ve missed you!!and thank you SO much! You’re so right, life is better in pink! I hope you have a wonderful new year love!

  • Hello! I love your photos! Just wondering where did you get your pink off shoulder top?? ?

    • Hello! I love your photos! Just wondering where did you get your pink off shoulder top?? ?

      • Hello love! Thank you! It’s a miss selfridge top that is available at Bloomingdales :)

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