The Lovely Mac Duggal Fashion Show NYFW 17

Mac Duggal Fashion Show NYFW 17

The Mac Duggal fashion show was beyond words!

The show was incredibly packed which made it very difficult for us to get good photos. I managed to get these from a friend, Andi Nicole Proctor of Andi Imaging.

Photos couldn’t compare to the actual experience of getting to be there to view Mac Duggal’s latests designs as they flowed down the runway.

Mac Duggal Fashion Show NYFW 17

The Dresses

I am not kidding you when I say I would seriously wear these dresses ALL of the time if I could!

The amount of work that he puts into his dresses is amazing.

Each are handmade by him and as you can see from the photos, full of darling details.

The dresses were full of sparkle, frills, lace and so many romantic details.

Mac Duggal also presented his line for curvy women which everyone utterly adored.

Mac Duggal Fashion Show NYFW 17Mac Duggal Fashion Show NYFW 17

My Experience

The show was full of pagent ladies from all of the states as well as other countries.

I know it may sound silly of me but I wasn’t expecting that lol

These ladies were very beautiful & super sweet. So sweet that I made a few new friends out of some of them!

This happened to be Mac Duggals first runway show at NYFW and after knowing that piece of information it made sense as to why this gorgeous venue was so flooded with people.

I’m not going to lie it was a bit uncomfortable and I was trying my best to stay calm through the stampedes of people.

I even questioned whether I should leave the show early but I stuck through it and I am so glad that I did.

Once the show came to an end, I was able to meet up with my contact at Mac Duggal. I went along with her and Mac Duggal to the press area and backstage which was really neat.

Mac Duggal Fashion Show NYFW 17

Backstage, I could see all of the gorgeous models in their stunning dresses prepping for the next show and also got to witness the excitement back stage.

By the way I am 5″8, just so you know… lol

Mac Duggal Fashion Show NYFW 17

Mac Duggal Fashion Show NYFW 17

All-in-all it was such a fabulous experience for me and I can’t wait to head back to NYC for more.

Mac Duggal Fashion Show NYFW 17


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