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Hello lovelies!

Today I am back with another Lines To Love for you. I am featuring a truly lovely jewelry shop known as Tiger Gemstones.


I stumbled upon Tiger Gemstones, through Instagram actually when I was  in search of some stackable bands to go with my engagement ring. Tiger Gemstones happens to have quite a large following on Instagram and you can tell that their followers are truly engaged and this totally caught my attention. It seems as though everyone is so eager to see the latest sparkly & dazzling ring, and it’s totally understandable once seeing the rings for my self! A lot of their posts are also images and reviews by their customers sharing how happy they were with their purchase and showing their own photos as proof to the lovely quality of their rings.

There are seriously so many gorgeous rings to choose from in their shop, that are affordable and all also conflict-free.

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Tabitha is the owner and creator of Tiger Gemstones and after having just a brief conversation with her, it’s no wonder why her business has become so incredibly successful. She is such a well informed shop owner and answered just about every question and concern I had when it came to choosing rings, with such care and information. I was seriously blown away by how much she knew, and I know that may sound silly because she does run a jewelry business and you would expect most business owners to know a lot about what their selling but I have found a lot of people do sell products without knowing much about them at all. Especially for being as busy as I am quite sure she is, she took the time to tell me just as much as I wanted to know about each piece, how to take care of them, and what to completely expect (durability-wise) from wearing them.

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Another detail about this shop that has had me swooning, is the great selection they have of rose gold plated, sterling silver rings. I just love rose gold! I think it’s so lovely and unique, and I actually ended up going an art deco rose gold plated band and a sterling silver half eternity ring. They are so dainty and lovely, and just what I wanted. They also go so well with my engagement/wedding ring and even stack cutely by them selves on my other fingers as well.

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For all of these reasons, Tiger Gemstones, definitely made the list for Lines To Love. Their shop is a shop that i’ll definitely be returning too and also one I am more than happy to recommend.



  • Holy smokes. I think I need to buy one of these rings for myself. I love how inexpensive they are in price, but not in looks. I send off my wedding band set every 6 months to get inspected and then replated, so I’m often without my ring for 2 weeks at a time, and my hands feel naked! Lol. Omg… checking out more of that Etsy store!

  • I’m also a fan of rose gold so I think that the rings you shared are absolutely stunning!

  • Wow! They are awesome ring designs. I’m going to get back to this when I’m going to marry in the future. I hope they’ll ship to other countries then.

  • Those are really beautiful rings. I have to admit, I want to buy one since the last time we bought a ring, it was for our wedding day.

  • I like the delicate nature of these rings! They look elegant and something that would look good on my hand. I have small hands, so big gaudy jewelry doesn’t look so good. I like the first one featured with the gold.

  • The petite and simple ring designs are my favorite. I just love those tiny gem-encrusted bands. REally pretty!

  • Wow your website it truly beautiful … pics are amazing it’s like being transported into a magical world. This jewellery is just gorgeous too .. love it !

    • aww thank you so much Candice! You totally just made my day!!!!!!!

  • Those rings are absolutely stunning. I’ve never heard of Tiger Gemstones before so I’m glad I found this post. I love jewelry and have been looking for some for my holiday parties and events.

  • Sounds like such a lovely shop, I am not familiar with tiger gemstones but definitely checking out their instagram and see what I can push boo to get for me.

  • All these rings are awesome! I’ve been dying to have a new ring since my engagement ring and wedding band is getting a bit tighter throughout the years. Wish they are shopping in other countries.

    • I’ll have to check and see if they ship to other countries but that would be so wonderful for you to get an upgrade!

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