Chanel & Glam Inspired living room makeover

This makeover has been in the works for nearly 5 months and I’m so excited that you finally get to see it.

I wanted to go for a big change and with that it took some time. Really, I wanted a room that had an elevated feminine and glam appeal and that would also differ from what I’ve done before.

Wall gallery

I started by changing the all decor to a gallery wall featuring mostly black and white fashion inspired prints and white frames by Desenio.

The sectional

From there, I started working with the Futon Shop on the my dream sectional. I knew right away I wanted contrasted piping and a velvety feel.

I also knew I wanted black to be incorporated but couldn’t decide if I wanted the couch to be entirely black. We ended up going with white which of course made me extremely nervous since I have 3 little ones but it’s just so beautiful with the black piping, I had to have it!

I really wanted a black and white contrast because it’s classic, reminds me of Chanel and compliments the gallery wall.

Coffee table

From there we added a rose gold, glass coffee table from Safavieh. It’s made of tempered glass which made me feel more at ease with having little ones.

Silk Rug

The rug also had to change and Plush Rugs then came into help. Again, I opted for a white finish, with their bamboo silk Casbian rug.

Pink Ottomans

Since we lost a lot of couch space by switching from our larger sectional to the new one, I added a few pink ottomans.

In my heart I knew this was the look I wanted and really would love but was nervous about the outcome until I finally saw it all together.

I’m still playing around with pillow options but so far I really love the look. And it doesn’t hurt that it seems like a lot of you love it too!!!

Chanel & Glam Inspired living room makeover

Chanel & Glam Inspired living room makeover

Chanel & Glam Inspired living room makeover

Chanel & Glam Inspired living room makeoverChanel & Glam Inspired living room makeover

Chanel & Glam Inspired living room makeover


 I’m a mother of four with a love of glamour & an obsession for making things pretty.

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