Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the pinkest of them all? ✨💕 Wishing you a lovely day loves!!

Mirror Mirror on the wall,...

Hey loves!!! So I found THE perfect bag for all of my planner essentials!💕✨
Ok so it is a diaper bag by @luli.bebe but my goodness the chic level of this thing couldn't be more on point! It's just fabulous and with so many compartments I can store my planner, notebooks, book, laptop, ipad, charger cords, pens, stickers, washi tapes..... the list just goes on!
I also picked up their backpack version for the same use as well and am absolutely in love with it and will be sharing that later✨
Time to plan while my move is still underway 😅 I'm moving from Florida back to Virginia so it's been quite a process! Sweet dreams my loves!💕✨

Hey loves!!! So I found...

Wishing you the sweetest of dreams my pretties!💕✨

Wishing you the sweetest of...

Currently loving this candy blue tweed jacket by @charlottelondon_ ! It reminds me so much of The Chanels from Scream Queens! 💕 I got a pink one too that I can't wait to show you! Would you get the blue or pink??

Currently loving this candy blue...

If you caught one of my recent blog posts, you may know why I have been so MIA lately and that's because I'm moving ✨ It was sad to paint over my pink and white stripes today but the positive is that I'll have a new place to paint and decorate 🤗💕 Even though getting ready for the move has kept me busy, I haven't forgotten any of you!! I hope you had a magical Monday my doves! And I wish you only the sweetest of dreams ✨

If you caught one of...

Wishing you loves only THE best weekend EVER!! 🤗💕

Wishing you loves only THE...

Loving this gorgeous & green dress by @uniquevintage ✨ It is truly unique to say the least!! 💕 Would you wear it in green or white??

Loving this gorgeous & green...

#AD On the blog 💕I’ve rounded up my perfectly pink ‘Time of the Month’ essential list. I think we ALL can agree that our particular 'time of the month' isn't something we tend to look forward to. ✨That is why I've created a simple little routine consisting of an essential list to make this time more enjoyable.💕 Stop by the blog for more! Xoxo #SimplyGentleGlide

#AD On the blog 💕I’ve...

Am I the only one wishing I were at Disney right now?? 💕 Where would you LOVE to go this summer??

Am I the only one...

My little working space 📖💕 Do you have a designated space for working or studying??

My little working space 📖💕...

Blogging pretty with the help of Adored Designs

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This week I am featuring the fabulous Adored Designs, the go to brand stylist for all of your branding needs. When I first stumbled upon Adored Designs it was truly love at first sight. The woman behind this eye-candy business, is Alex. She’s so sweet & right away you can tell just how much she values each client she works with.

What drew me to Adored Designs was the crisp & feminine designs themselves and I knew that I had to incorporate them into my own branding.

Alex’s has created work that’s beyond darling for large brands like that of Jimmy Choo and Karl Lagerfeld. No matter who the client is, Adored Designs brings their best to the table.

Through Adored Designs, she gives her client’s the option to purchase design elements for their branding needs, a la carte as well as one-on-one designs services.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex in both ways.

PinitBlogging pretty with the help of Adored Designs

“If you’ve completely outgrown your website and find yourself daydreaming about a brand that’s full of personality and attracts the right people – I know exactly how to make it happen.” – Alex of Adored Designs

PinitBlogging pretty with the help of Adored Designs
With Instagram stories on the rise, through newsletter, I had been informed of Alex’s new Instagram Stories package.

Once I saw all that this package offered, nothing could stop me from trying them for myself.

The designs are seamless and so professional.

You can even edit the colors and make tweaks here and there, if needed.

When I share them on my Instagram, I almost always get asked where the designs came from. That’s all thanks to Adored Designs loves!

I think they’re perfect for adding a more professional touch to your Instagram Stories.

PinitBlogging pretty with the help of Adored Designs
To try them for yourself I have a very special discount code for you, use lexie20 at checkout and you’ll get 20% off!

A few other products that you can purchase right away from Adored Designs, that I also snagged my self, are the Blogger Media Kit & the Brand Clarity Ebook.

The value in these products goes beyond what you’re paying for.

The media kit has helped me put together all of my information in the prettiest of packaging for brands. It made the process so simple and that I really loved.

There are so many bloggers that aren’t sure what information is best to include in their media kit and how to visually make a mark on brands.

This media kit makes those issues problems of the past.

You can also tweak the colors and fonts here, if needed, to match your personal branding a bit more.

PinitBlogging pretty with the help of Adored Designs
It’s not one of those that you pay for on a whim ( I‘ve done this ) hoping it will fulfill all of you’re needs but it ends up just being bare as bones and unremarkable.

Adored Designs Media Kit is the complete OPPOSITE of that! Thank goodness.

The Brand Clarity Ebook is another value packed product that will help you in so many ways when it comes to your brand.

To name a few, you’ll learn about the importance of color and selecting the right hues for your brand, you’ll define who your ideal client/reader is and how to understand their way of thinking which is extremely beneficial.

PinitBlogging pretty with the help of Adored Designs
To learn more you can see the Brand Clarity Ebook right here.

Seeing this fabulous work by Alex only inspired me to want to have more branding done by Adored Designs.

I reached out to her with a specific request to create a gorgeous newsletter for my email subscribers and a pop-up newsletter subscribe section for more my blog.

Working with Alex was such a breeze. She truly captured the design and setup that I desired for my audience to experience when signing up for my weekly newsletter.

To make things as easy as possible we communicated through a platform where we could easily exchange comments and send visuals back and forth.

PinitBlogging pretty with the help of Adored Designs
I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with my new designs and I am even more eager to have more work done through Alex.

I think it’s so hard to find someone that you can trust and know will do an outstanding job when it comes to your branding.

Believe me, I’ve had work done that wasn’t so great and with people that weren’t easy to communicate with either.

Such experiences have made me so appreciative when it comes to working with someone as wonderful as Alex from Adored Designs.

Here’s a sneak peek of the newsletter that she designed for me. I can’t tell you enough just how much I adore it!

PinitBlogging pretty with the help of Adored Designs
There’s much more to my newsletter and to see it for yourself simply subscribe here. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Have a fabulous week for me!

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  • Alex
    January 30, 2018

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Lexie! I had a blast working with you and when you’re ready for more, I’ll make sure to make all your website dreams come true! 🦄

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    Blogging pretty with the help of Adored Designs