An Outdoor Haven Reveal with Grandin Road

The warmer weather and pressures when it comes to social distancing inspired me to create a beautiful backyard haven with stunning pieces that I’m going to show you from Grandin Road.

My littles ones like others have been spending so much time inside these last few months that I felt I just had to come up with a space that they could enjoy privately outside.

We do have a front yard but once they’re spotted usually more children will show up to play. Normally that’s great but during the most uncertain days of Covid, we didn’t want to risk it.

Long story short, there were a handful of good reasons to finally make our back deck feel like a place that we’d want to spend more time.

Now for the fun part! I’m going to show you all of the pieces I got with links, of course! And also give you a little background into why I selected the pieces that I did. Let’s begin, shall we?

Okay so our back deck isn’t the biggest but it’s not that small either. It was enough to work with and before I started adding anything to the cart I needed to get out my handy dandy tape measure just to get a precise idea on the space I was working with. Once that part was done I began my search in the outdoor section of the Grandin Road website.

Let me just tell you that their outdoor selection is HUGE. They have just about everything you want and almost all that you need. This is why it’s important to have a theme before searching. You need to have an idea of what you’re wanting and looking for to save you some time.

I knew I wanted light colored furniture with some monochrome pieces to add to the mix. My eyes immediately were drawn towards this sofa set. It comes in a few different colors but I knew the white washed wood with the beige pillows were the combo for me!

I chose the two end chairs and armless combo. You can order whichever works for you and can even create a beautiful sectional with this set if your space allows for it.

Find this stunning collection here.

Grandin Roads striped outdoor pillows were absolute essential as well. So I picked up the beige/white combo and the black/white along with some plain white pillows and an ivory throw blanket as well.

Beige stripe pillows, here
Black stripe pillows, here
& The Throw here

With limited space available on the deck I knew that I would have to venture away from a matching coffee table and go for something a little bit different. This challenge led me to these beautiful round side tables, that when paired together can work as a coffee table as well. They’re so chic and work perfectly in our little space.

Find these tables here.

I really wanted a table and chairs for deck as well and this again was going to be a challenge for the space. Grandin Road however, had a perfect sized table that I knew would totally work and it just so happened to be totally cute as well! The set of white Bistro chairs were absolutely going to be an essential for the deck and for the table!

Find the table here & Bistro chairs here.

So really these pieces were the most important for our space, and the pieces that o’m referring to are the umbrellas that we got. They were so crucial for us because our deck gets harsh direct sunlight for a good amount of the day. Without some kind of cover, the space is just not enjoyable what so ever.

When it comes to Grandin Road’s umbrella selection, it truly is fabulous! They offer various sizes so we went with the largest one ( 8x 10 ft) in white and champagne hardware. We also got the navy stripe round umbrella in the 9ft size for when we feel like switching things up.

Both umbrellas are so incredibly beautiful and have held up very well so far. To go with the umbrellas we also got the Grandin Road add on weight, Champagne stand, and umbrella cover. This is the perfect combination for the best umbrella experience if I do say so myself.

Find the striped umbrella here, the white umbrella here, the base here, & the umbrella cover here.

Another huge staple for this space was the gorgeous border rug that brings the space all together.

Find the border rug here.

The last few pieces that I’m going to share with you are ones that really had me so excited. The reason being is that I wanted to incorporate beautiful roses on the back deck and these different planters helped me bring that dream to a reality in a stylish way.

Find the large white planter here and the black and white large planter here and small planter here.

I also picked up a lovely green hose from Grandin Road to help keep my roses happy and fresh. I told you they have just about everything you could need!

Find the hose here.

Find the door mat here.

I hope you love this makeover just as much as we do. I wish I could show you the before but just trust that it wasn’t nearly as pretty as this!


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