Lovely Home Decor Pieces by Dana Gibson

If you thought I was home decor crazed before, well then you won’t believe that during these last few months I have become even more so now than ever before.

I’ve found it to be the one thing that has focused my mind and helped me to look forward through all of the unrest & uncertainty that these last few months have brought us.

A brewing obsession of mine as of late, has been a constant search for antique pieces inspired by a Parisian apartment-vibing project that I’m keeping hush hush until it’s time to show you.

Along the journey of this hunt I came across a white leopard lamp by Dana Gibson that I immediately fell head over heels in love with.

It adds a total chic touch to just about any space and comes with a white or black lampshade, whichever suits your style better! Find it here.

After stumbling upon this beautiful & unique piece I wanted to look at the rest of the Dana Gibson website and of course found even more lovely things.

The other beautiful piece that I got from is this gorgeous hand-painted, gold detailed ginger gar.

Find this here. I have had fun trying it out in just about every room of my home since it’s such a versatile piece, but I truly love it most of all in my workspace.

If you love these pieces too check out all of the other gorgeous pieces available at There are other hand painted ginger jars that are just SO pretty and even more table lamps featuring different stunning styles with gold accents, if animal print isn’t your thing.

Catch up again soon, muah!



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