A Pretty Little Spring Semester Checklist

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cengage Unlimited. All opinions and text are mine.

Hello Mon Chéries,

It is that time of year again. The spring semester is upon us and I thought it would the perfect time to share with you my spring semester essentials, so I’ve partnered with Cengage Unlimited to bring you this pretty little checklist!

Top notch gear

Oh where would I be without my laptop? I honestly don’t know! I’m definitely one of those people that rely on mine and for good reason. The fact that it’s pink makes it even better!

A Pretty Little Spring Semester Checklist


I’m sure you may be wondering how these are a school-related essential. All I can say is that for me they most certainly are!

They make me feel at peace, comfortable and ready to focus which are important qualities for doing well when it comes to anything!

A Pretty Little Spring Semester Checklist

Chic glasses

Staring at screens and books all day definitely requires a little eye help. So I rely on some handy dandy glasses that are pretty chic too. I actually like to alternate between pairs. Regardless, they’re essential!

A Pretty Little Spring Semester Checklist

Inspirational reads & journals

This totally doesn’t have to be related to school. I find that inspirational books and journals help me so much with staying positive and focused in life. That goes such a long way with helping me to be a better student as well!

A Pretty Little Spring Semester Checklist

Cozy clothing, accessories & even blankets!

It can get pretty cold this time of year and who finds it easy to learn and do well when you’re uncomfortable? I sure don’t know and that’s why having cozy and comfy things to wear or cuddle up in make the essential list for me!

A Pretty Little Spring Semester Checklist

The best online learning tools

Having the best of online learning tools is an absolute essential & will also make a HUGE difference in the quality of your education online.

I’ve mentioned here before how Cengage Unlimited helps me perform at my best but here’s a little recap for you as to how it does just that.

Cengage Unlimited allows me to have access to all my Cengage courses on platforms like Mindtap and WebAssign, their full library of online textbooks, study guides and tools, and more. They also have free study tools and resources from Chegg, Quizlet, and Kaplan, and a new career readiness center.

I also get a print rental for only $7.99 along with free shipping for each activated access code. That’s a total steal and seriously saves SO much money for the semester.

A Pretty Little Spring Semester Checklist

There’s also a digital locker to keep up to 6 online textbooks for up to a year after my subscription ends.

Cengage Unlimited works as a subscription, allowing me access to all of my courses for one flat rate at $119.99 per semester.

No matter how many courses you enroll in, or how many online textbooks you use, the price of Cengage Unlimited will stay the same.

Take Cengage Unlimited for a spin this spring semester.

Hands down it’s an essential that I just can’t live without!

Have you tried Cengage Unlimited? Tell me below what your semester essentials are!




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