A Holiday Season Essential For Your Beauty & Wardrobe Needs

A Holiday Season Essential For Your Beauty & Wardrobe NeedsThis post has been sponsored by Secret, however, all opinions are 100% my very own, as always.

Hello lovely ladies!

Today on the blog, it’s all about a new beauty essential of mine, Secret’s Invisible Spray.

The holidays are here and with that comes a wee bit of stress! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the holidays, but it most definitely can be stressful.

One little beauty essential gets me through and keeps me oh-so-fresh. This essential ladies is Secret Invisible Spray.

I find this exact style of deodorant to be pretty much an essential when it comes to keeping your wardrobe & style in tip-top-shape, unaffected by the stress of the holiday season.

I actually didn’t start using this type of deodorant until recently. That’s because I wanted to try something different that would stop deodorant from leaving residue on my clothing and what would solve that issue better than an invisible spray deodorant?

Another thing that persuaded me to give this a try was the Secret quiz at Secretproductmatch.com. This quiz tests you to see which type of deodorant would work best for your needs.

A Holiday Season Essential For Your Beauty & Wardrobe Needs

I already knew my preference but I still went through with the quiz to see if it knew me as well as I did.

After answering each question my result came up as the Boho Berry Invisible Spray scent.

Each scent in Secret’s Invisible Spray embodies a different personality. The Boho Berry spray that I got, as a result, relates to an adventurer personality. I sure do love adventures hehe!

A Holiday Season Essential For Your Beauty & Wardrobe Needs

Since I prefer a deodorant that smells wonderful and that also features a scent that won’t fade throughout the day, it would make sense that the quiz would give me this kind of result.

The Secret Invisible Spray features Fade Resistant Scent Technology that allows you to notice the fragrance of the spray throughout the day which is pretty neat. With most scents, it’s natural for us to become accustomed to them and not notice them after a while.

A Holiday Season Essential For Your Beauty & Wardrobe Needs

If you’re curious, try it for yourself! Simply click here to take the quiz. You can also find all of these available at right here at Target.

Let’s be honest, I think it’s natural for us to stick to what products we’re familiar with and refrain from trying something new. However, it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised when we try new things.

A Holiday Season Essential For Your Beauty & Wardrobe Needs

Happy Holidays Lovelies! Comment below to share what your plans are! And don’t forget to check out my Instagram post for a chance to win free deodorant for a year!




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