A Girly & Glam Gift Guide For The Last Minute Shoppers

A Girly & Glam Gift Guide For The Last Minute Shoppers

Hello Loves!

I swear the time just passes so fast and before you know it, it’ll be Christmas!  How many of you are like me and just so happen to be total last-minute-shoppers?

I’m so guilty of this so I wanted to put together a girly & glam gift guide for those of you that are like me, with items I think are perfect for holiday gifting and that can still arrive before Christmas!

For most of these pretty little things the shopping deadline to receive these through standard shipping and in time for Christmas is December 21st.

A Girly & Glam Gift Guide For The Last Minute Shoppers

Give the gift of comfort & cuteness

Any of these cute little things are sure to put a smile on your friends & loved ones faces.

Give the gift of beauty

Personally, I think you couldn’t go wrong with beauty gifts as long as it’s something that has neutral enough shades or smells that aren’t overbearing.

Gifts for the home they’ll cherish

I LOVE home gifts! Why? Because they’re gifts that people have around them most of the time and that will remind them of loved ones and sweet memories.

Give the gift of luxury

Feeling fancy? One of these luxe options would make a great gift too!

Gifts for the paper lover

I am paper obsessed! And I’ve only seen the paper and planer trend grow more and more over the last few years. There’s something so special about sitting down and writing things out on something pretty. It make’s planning your to-do list feel less like a chore and more like something people can actually look forward to.

Gifts for the Audrey Hepburn fan

Another kind of gift I think you can’t go wrong with is something related to Audrey Hepburn hehe. But to be safe this category would probably be best for someone that you already know adores her! She’s timeless, chic & I believe is a reminder to seek happiness, be kind and do it in a fabulous way.

 For more holiday loveliness see this pretty post.

Happy Holidays lovelies!


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