Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the pinkest of them all? βœ¨πŸ’• Wishing you a lovely day loves!!

Mirror Mirror on the wall,...

Hey loves!!! So I found THE perfect bag for all of my planner essentials!πŸ’•βœ¨
Ok so it is a diaper bag by @luli.bebe but my goodness the chic level of this thing couldn't be more on point! It's just fabulous and with so many compartments I can store my planner, notebooks, book, laptop, ipad, charger cords, pens, stickers, washi tapes..... the list just goes on!
I also picked up their backpack version for the same use as well and am absolutely in love with it and will be sharing that later✨
Time to plan while my move is still underway πŸ˜… I'm moving from Florida back to Virginia so it's been quite a process! Sweet dreams my loves!πŸ’•βœ¨

Hey loves!!! So I found...

Wishing you the sweetest of dreams my pretties!πŸ’•βœ¨

Wishing you the sweetest of...

Currently loving this candy blue tweed jacket by @charlottelondon_ ! It reminds me so much of The Chanels from Scream Queens! πŸ’• I got a pink one too that I can't wait to show you! Would you get the blue or pink??

Currently loving this candy blue...

If you caught one of my recent blog posts, you may know why I have been so MIA lately and that's because I'm moving ✨ It was sad to paint over my pink and white stripes today but the positive is that I'll have a new place to paint and decorate πŸ€—πŸ’• Even though getting ready for the move has kept me busy, I haven't forgotten any of you!! I hope you had a magical Monday my doves! And I wish you only the sweetest of dreams ✨

If you caught one of...

Wishing you loves only THE best weekend EVER!! πŸ€—πŸ’•

Wishing you loves only THE...

Loving this gorgeous & green dress by @uniquevintage ✨ It is truly unique to say the least!! πŸ’• Would you wear it in green or white??

Loving this gorgeous & green...

#AD On the blog πŸ’•I’ve rounded up my perfectly pink β€˜Time of the Month’ essential list. I think we ALL can agree that our particular 'time of the month' isn't something we tend to look forward to. ✨That is why I've created a simple little routine consisting of an essential list to make this time more enjoyable.πŸ’• Stop by the blog for more! Xoxo #SimplyGentleGlide

#AD On the blog πŸ’•I’ve...

Am I the only one wishing I were at Disney right now?? πŸ’• Where would you LOVE to go this summer??

Am I the only one...

My little working space πŸ“–πŸ’• Do you have a designated space for working or studying??

My little working space πŸ“–πŸ’•...

The Sweet Adventures I’ll Always Make Time For

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PinitThe Sweet Adventures I'll Always Make Time For

This post has been sponsored by Macy’s. However, all thoughts & opinions are 100% my very own.

There’s so much that changes when you become a mother. Feelings and thoughts awaken from inside you that were never there before. And as the years pass it becomes more apparent than ever how fast these sweet moments of your life will pass you by.

In today’s world we are so incredibly distracted. It breaks my heart, because when it comes to being distracted, I am guilty. There is so much that demands our attention & it makes the ability to be focused on those we love harder and harder.

That is why I will always make time for adventures with my littles.

PinitThe Sweet Adventures I'll Always Make Time For

I am not a perfect mother or the best mother but I try my best to see the world through their eyes. They live in the moment, unlike me, and are always ready to seek out something new. That inspires me..

PinitThe Sweet Adventures I'll Always Make Time For

So this past weekend we went on an expedition to a local garden and let ourselves and our minds wander.

It was such a beautiful and peaceful place to be. The little ones couldn’t stop giggling as we chased and played together in the open grass.

PinitThe Sweet Adventures I'll Always Make Time For
PinitThe Sweet Adventures I'll Always Make Time For

Along for our adventures was a new Jogger City Tour Stroller that I recently got from Macy’s. My goodness did it help us as our energy ran low from all of the excitement.

PinitThe Sweet Adventures I'll Always Make Time For

I actually used another version of this stroller from Jogger while at Disney World and I was so pleased with it.

I’m not sure if it’s something to do with my height if 5″8 but a lot of strollers kill my back after only a short time of pushing. However with this one I glide along with ease and our adventures continue blissfully.

Macy’s also has the Baby Jogger City Mini GT available for 15% off until August 11th. It’s not only cute it can drive on just about any terrain and is height adjustable as well. So if you’re taller like me or perhaps shorter, the stroller will adjust to what is most comfortable for you.

I recently got the Jogger City Tour Stroller in this pretty shade of purple, sorry Viggo, but who says boys can’t wear purple? It’s a royal color, hehe. Chloe especially loves the pretty purple and fits comfortably in the stroller as well which is such a win for me!

PinitThe Sweet Adventures I'll Always Make Time For

They also have a really pretty indigo shade that I think you might like.

You can find these beauties on sale at the moment for 15% off until August 11th. So snag one up if you’re intrigued while you can!

I’ve linked it right here for you.

All in all, our day at the garden made for moments I hope I will never forget.

PinitThe Sweet Adventures I'll Always Make Time For
PinitThe Sweet Adventures I'll Always Make Time For

I hope that you have been making some beautiful memories yourself, tell me below.



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