The Best Kate Spade Bags of The Month

From now on I’m going to be covering my Kate Spade purse favorites and what I also happen to deem as “the best” Kate Spade bags for each month. I just can’t keep these favorites to my self and who better to tell than you!

Seriously, I am always left amazed when I get the new email in my inbox from Kate Spade notifying me that new arrivals have found their way on to the Kate Spade website. I am amazed because how do they manage to come up with such EXTREMELY cute pieces, almost, every single week! This excites and kills me at the same time! Why? Because of course I want it all but also because I want it ALL!

So, on that note, Kate has some really really cute new arrivals and I have just been dying to share my picks for the month!

The first one I am going to mention isn’t necessarily a new arrival but It’s on my Wishlist the past few months and I and counting down every day until it’s finally mine!byrdiewhitebyrdiepink

Honestly, I thought it was so strange at first how attracted I found my self to this style because it’s usually not what I would go for. One thing I noticed is that I find the style of this bag to be somewhat similar to that of the Chloe { bag} and I find that bag to be so incredibly darling! So this bag is similar to the the Chloe but wayyyyyy more affordable and that’s always a plus right? The great thing here too, is Kate rarely ever leaves me feeling cheated when it comes to her pricing. Unlike other affordable brands with a girly flair, the quality of her handbags always leaves me feeling so incredibly satisfied.

I am loving the shades that the Byrdie comes in too! I found a gorgeous pastel pink, pastel purple ( like below), and a cream shade too.


Cameron Street Byrdie | Kate Spade New York

This bag is just so so cute! Too cute to pass up in my opinion. Especially if you find your self to be a fan of pink, a sparkly gal and a bag that can fit a lot inside! I view this bag as a collector piece because once it’s gone it’s truly not coming back and that makes me feel like I need to swoop it up even more.onpointetote

On Pointe Showgirl Hallie | Kate Spade New York

This one right here is definitely a must have! I love finding those quirky and cute little bags full of character and this is one of those that I would be so happy to make it a part of my collection. I mean come on! It’s pink, has a huge bow and is a perfume bottle altogether. It’s just so cute and unique! These kind of bags are hard to find in my opinion. Like yes you’ll see similar versions in other brands such as Betsey Johnson, but the quality does not at ALL compare. I want a purse with character like this that will look just as  beautiful, feel just as beautiful in person, and last my a longggg time.


On Pointe Perfume Bottle Crossbody | Kate Spade New York 

I also love this version of the perfume bag. The shape is so unique and also so cute! The round bags are currently having a moment and I SO want to get my hands on one of these beauties. Like I mentioned before these bags are unique and have a lot of character as well. What I find so appealing about that in my collection is the ability these pieces have to be able to really complete my overall look and give it the feel that I’m going for.


On Pointe Round Perfume Bottle Clutch | Kate Spade New York 

Some dresses, to me, feel like they’re missing something and when adding one of these sweet little darlings, I finally feel like my look is good to go. For example, I have the Kate Spade cupcake purse, and I also just recently got a cupcake skirt from Unique Vintage, and my goodness there really isn’t a more perfect bag to go with that skirt!


I just wanted to show you the combination but don’t worry I plan on taking some better quality photos to show the lovely details. I also got the carousel skirt from Unique Vintage and believe it or not Kate Spade also has a carousel purse, that I sadly didn’t buy but again it would have made the most perfect outfit!

Tell me which bags you’re loving this month!! I can’t to share more with you on the Purse Diaries this month!



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  • Abby
    September 15, 2016

    I saw a coin purse like the big bow pink perfume one above and I fell in love!! I’m hoping to get it. I’m also loving the fox Kate Spade purse. I want it for my sons new camping room. Beautiful bags. I can wait to add to my Kate Spade collection. ???


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