My Little Chateau – Door Hardware Details

Hello lovelies. Sharing with you today the details on the gorgeous doorknob hardware that I’ve added into our new little chateau. The hardware is by Nostalgic Warehouse, and it is seriously the prettiest hardware, how could I not share?

When it came to the style I was looking for I wanted pieces that had that antique feel to them so I went with a beautiful crystal knob known as the Chateau which I used this in the entry way and also for the front and back door of the home. You can find the Chateau crystal knob paired the adorable Prairie backplate here.

For the front and back door the knob was paired with the Victorian Entry set which is seriously beyond beautiful.

The front door that you see here is actually one that I picked up from the Facebook marketplace. It is so quaint and I feel as though it pairs with them home so much better than the original plain door. It brings more character and when paired with the gorgeous entry door knob set by nostalgic hardware it is everything and more than I could have imagined.

This specific style is the Victorian Entry Set with the Chateau crystal knob and C grip. You can find and customize to get this specific entry door style set right here.

Front and back door handsets feature a brass color where as the entry door sets feature an unlacquered brass.

I loved the idea of switching up the styles of hardware throughout the home so for a second style I went with the Homestead knob & Prairie backplate. The Prairie backplate features an adorable little keyhole. It’s all about the details and this is just so charming. The door knob reminds me of Alice and wonderland which I love too. You can find this style here.

It’s amazing how details such as these have a way of elevating a space and I couldn’t be happier with how much closer they’ve brought my home to feeling like a true little chateau. For more beautiful pieces from Nostalgic Warehouse visit their site here.

Until next time lovelies.




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