Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Review

Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Review

I’m back with the Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony review and this baby is literally a bag to rave about. I know I really do throw around the word “Favorite” a lot but this is absolutely one of my favorite totes!

I was really reluctant about making the purchase at first because from what I could see online, I wasn’t too crazy about the look of the bag. I felt that it may not be girly enough for me or really my style.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Review

I’ve always found my self drawn to the Kate Spade bags because of how cute they are and because of the unique designs they tend to come with.

Before purchasing this tote, most of my Kate Spade purse purchases consisted of bags that had cute elements like bows or had features that also really stood out. I felt like the Harmony really didn’t have a look that was grabbing my attention like the others had.

The reason why I went through with the purchase was because I am a lover of the larger sized bags and I thought it was at  east worth a try.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Review

Once this beauty arrived in the mail and I was able to open it and give it a good look, I was sold. There were absolutely no more doubts in mind at that point. I don’t know what made me like it so much more in person when it came to the over all look of the bag but here are reasons as to why it truly can be classified as a great bag and why I fell in love with it.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Review

The Kate Spade Cedar Street Harmony is truly so well and beautifully made, and this fact is something anyone can notice, right away.

 For the color of the bag I chose the color “ sweetheart pink” which is a pink that seriously pops! The color looks so beautiful on this saffiano leather bag paired with the 14-karat light gold plated hardware accents of the bag as well. You can see in the outfit tutorial photos i’ve included just how much this color stands out.

The Harmony tote has little golden feet on the bottom which keep the leather protected of course, and helps you worry less about letting this baby sit on the floor. The exact dimensions of the bag are 11.1″h x 12.9″w x 6.4″d with a drop length of about : 9″

I have found the straps to be so incredibly durable which is always a great feature when your in the market for a tote and if you happen to be a person that carries a lot in your bag.  The straps help carry the weight so your not feeling all of the weight so much in your shoulders. Now that’s a major plus for me.

In the inside of the bag you’ll find Kate Spade’s custom woven caroleena spade dot lining and an interior zip with double slide pockets as well.

This medium sized Harmony can seriously hold a lot too! I’ve included a photo of just some things that can fit inside, below. Along with these items you could also fit a 13 inch macbook in here as well if you happen to need to carry a laptop around. On that note the Harmony is also a great bag for school too!

Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Review

Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Review

I think it’s also a perfect bag for mommies because of the fact that it can hold so much and because of it’s durability. The cross-hatched leather will help it fight off scratches and smudges and the overall bag structure will make sure that this bag lasts you quite some time and through the crazy days of mommy-hood.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Review

This happens to be one of Kate Spade New York’s signature bags so it looks as though you can always find one in stock on their website or at other places that are known for carrying Kate Spade, such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue and so on.. The cool thing about buying directly from Kate Spade is that you can get the Harmony monogrammed if your heart desires.

I would recommend searching for this bag in other places like Ebay, if your looking for a specific color, such as the one I have here. You won’t be able to easily find this particular color in any of the previous locations I mentioned once it’s out of season. So you’ll have to do some searching.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Review


Kate Spade Cedar Street Medium Harmony Review

There also is a smaller size known as the “Small” Harmony, but personally the Medium is my favorite. Aside from having the obvious larger size there’s something really aesthetically pleasing to me about the shape of the bag in the larger size over the smaller.

Another exciting thing to note about this bag is that Kate Spade has just released a new version of it with a long carrying strap! I LOVE long straps for bags because sometimes i just find the shorter straps too tiresome to carry so its nice to switch back and forth between long and short straps, depending on my mood.

If you happen to like the larger sized Harmony bags like me, you may be bummed out a bit to find that these new  styled bags only come in smaller sizes!

I’m going to include some links below in the slider featuring the different sizes and colors currently available. I’ll have another Purse Diaries post for you next week! Until than I hope your week is absolutely lovely!


  • Hi. Looking to buy the harmony tote in sweetheart pink thanks to your post:). Wonder if you’ve seen in in vivid snapdragon and how the links compare?

    • Hello love! In my opinion the vivid snapdragon has more of a purplish look to it and the sweetheart pink is like a very deep hot pink :)

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