How To Find The Best Purse For Your Needs


How To Find The Best Purse For Your Needs

I am here to advise you , in this post, as to how you can find that PERFECT bag for you, the purse that’s going to be the BEST for your needs.

I take bag shopping oh so seriously because finding the perfect bags is so important to me! No, I wouldn’t trade one for my babies, they’re not that kind of important but they’re definitely at the top of my favorite list when it comes to my wardrobe, and for good reason.

I can understand that there are those that don’t feel the same way about handbags as I do and that’s totally ok. How ever I think this is a post that can help you whether your bag obsessed or just in need of the perfect bag for your every day use.

The perfect bag has to consist of a few things… First it has to have a clearly stated purpose  (what are you using this bag for?). Second the quality of the bag needs to match it’s purpose. And third, you need to do some research to really get that perfect bag you’re after.

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First answer this! What kind of bag are you shopping for?

An every day bag? All purpose bag?  Going out kind of bag? A bag to hold only the essentials? Or perhaps a bag for the purpose of being mommy-life friendly but incredibly cute at the same time?

When shopping for your perfect handbag you need to make sure that the purpose of this handbag ( what you’re going to be using it for) is clear as day. That way you can also save yourself from any potential regretful purchases.

 If you’re looking for an everyday bag that’s also durable, large enough to carry work/school necessities, but also stylish and in your favorite shade of color you need to clarify this so you can make your search that much more successful.

Trust me, you don’t want to make the mistake of buying the first bag that you see that just so happens to be incredibly cute but doesn’t match any of the demands that you need for this “perfect  handbag”.

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The purpose of the bag should go hand in hand with the quality.

Once you have the purpose figured out, think about the quality that you’re wanting from a bag… Of course this is going to go hand in hand with the amount that you are willing to spend on a purse. If you want good quality but can’t afford in look at saving up for such a bag.. Trust me this is worth it! Handbags really are an investment! This is something that you use every single day! It’s something that you trust to hold all of your valuable things and necessities while on the go, so why not make sure that it’s made to last?



Do a bag background check.

If you’re not sure as to how to find out the quality of the bag before purchasing, do a little research. Trust me this is SO important and it’ll save you from regrets later on.

I rely heavily on researching the bags I want to buy because I do most of my shopping online so I can’t really go and check out the bag I’d like in person before buying.

When searching for a bag for every day use or one that can give your items the kind of support that you’d like you need to be looking for a bag with quality and durability to be able to withstand every day use.

I find my self always drawn to the Kate Spade bags because they’re incredibly durable, scratch resistant and they do a heck of a good job at looking insanely adorable, all at the same time.


Here are the steps that I take for my research and steps that you can utilize as well.

Copy & paste the exact name of the bag that you’ve decided is the ONE. Then paste it into google and start browsing the images and also any other links you can find for info on the bag. Also, if there are already reviews available on the store website that you’re buying the bag from, don’t ignore them because this will save you the extra work of taking your search to google. I still find the “extra work” worth it because I like to make an investment on my bags so when your spending a pretty penny on something it can’t hurt to make sure that you’ll be as satisfied as possible when it comes to the look and quality of the bag.

One place I love shopping for bags is as Nordstrom online because they go the extra mile by adding stock photos that show all that you could expect to fit into that bag you’re looking to buy.

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You could even take your research further and head on over to social media. For example, when I am looking at one of Kate Spade’s newest arrivals but I want to see actual photos ( not stock photos ) I head to their Instagram and click on their “tagged” tab. There I can see every single upload from Kate Spade customers sharing their personal ( real-life) photos of bags. And most likely I’ll find the bag that I’m researching for since it’s new.


The perfect bag with no regrets!

I can ASSURE you, if you follow these steps you’ll find the bag for you in no time and you’re not going to regret it! You can always save yourself some research by checking in back here because I like to do my very own reviews on bags as well to save others the hassle!

Also here’s some suggestions I have for you that include my favorites for each kind of bag category. If you happen to give them a try, let me know and if you want to leave a little review here on the blog let me know about that too!

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  • Isabella Rose
    October 11, 2016

    such a lovely post lexie! you have such good taste??

    • lex
      October 11, 2016

      Thank you so much beautiful!


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