My Favorite Brand For Tulle Skirts..

the best brand for tulle skirts
the best brand for tulle skirts
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Tulle skirts are usually my go to for a girly and feminine-fun look, so I definitely have a lot of experience with trying out different tulle skirts from different brands but there’s definitely one brand that stands out most among them all and that brand is.. Bliss Tulle!!

My Favorite Brand For Tulle Skirts..

Like I said I have soooooo many tulle skirts but if you follow me on Instagram { where I share a styled new look every single day for you ladies to see } you may have noticed that I am not sharing all of my tulle skirts.

My Favorite Brand For Tulle Skirts..

I would say that out of my tulle collection, maybe about half are actually from BlissTulle and the rest are from places that sell tulle skirts.

Now there’s a reason why I am not all of the time styling looks that feature every single tulle skirt I own and the main reason for this is the fact that when you own pieces that consist of amazing quality and look utterly fabulous you’re mostly likely going to wear those more than similar pieces that happen to be sub par.

This doesn’t necessarily apply to all things, for example if you have a swoon-worthy Chanel bag, you most likely aren’t going to use it every day all day because you want to keep it nice!! But still you should get some good use of it because of the crazy price tag!

My Favorite Brand For Tulle Skirts..

Any-hoo, without a doubt BlissTulle skirts are my favorites and they are among some of the best tulle skirts that I own so I definitely choose to wear them over others because I feel they represent my style that much better too!

My Favorite Brand For Tulle Skirts..

I know it’s tempting to buy tulle skirts at the lower costs that you may see produced from stores that don’t actually specialize in making tulle skirts but I know that this option ends up just being a waste of money for me because the true quality of these skirts show and they tend to not hold up for very long either.

My Favorite Brand For Tulle Skirts..

I know I’ve seen a few ladies that follow me mention that these skirts are out of their price range and that may be true but ladies these skirts are not the kind of skirt that your going to wear once and done. I think of them as investment pieces to my wardrobe.

My Favorite Brand For Tulle Skirts..

They’re so versatile, meaning that they can be styled for many different looks and different occasions and you can’t beat hand-made and custom options. I just love that!

My Favorite Brand For Tulle Skirts..

Get the look:  top c/o / skirt / shoesheart sapphire ring

On that note my style services are getting so close to launch date { April 2nd! } and if you happen to find your self in need of some help with your wardrobe, a look for a special event, or even representing yourself as best as you can for your brand, I am your girl!


the best skirt every girly needs in her closet

  • Lisa
    March 23, 2016

    I LOVE this outfit! I’ve been trying to decide which tulle skirt I want. Also, can I ask where you got your rug and sofa? They are perfect as well!

    • lex
      May 1, 2016

      thank you Lisa! There are so many beautiful tulle skirts out there it’s hard to choose!! My rug is from Rugsusa and sofa is from Value City it’s the Athens collection :*

  • Abby
    March 21, 2016

    I’m saving up to buy some blisstulle skirts. I’ve always been a fan of tulle skirts but I’ve never found any that are of good quality but seeing that you’re a fan and others saying good things about them I’d rather spend my money on something that will last! Tulle is the best☺️????


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