Kitchen Nook Update with A Parisian Touch

Oh my loves It truly has been so long since I’ve refreshed the edit with something new for you and I’m sorry for the wait. But here I am back with a new post and one that is the first of more to come over the next few months.

In this post I’m bringing you a little update that I made to my kitchen nook area. It’s always nice and refreshing to make little changes here and there and with this space I wanted to bring in a theme of black and white with a little bit of a Parisian touch.

The inspiration began with getting this Parisian print framed by Framebridge. I also had the option of adding a little gold plate and engraved “J’adore Paris“.  I love little details like that.

From there I carried on the black white theme with the striped kitchen valances on the windows. I’ve been wanting to add these for years but have always seemed to forget to go ahead and get them. 

Now that they’re here, they feel as though they always should have been! Such a darling touch that instantly makes the space feel lovelier. 

The next and also one of my favorite updates to this space are the black and white Safavieh dining chairs.

They’re almost identical to what we had before except the cushions are now black faux leather instead of the light gray fabric. With little ones it’s such a nice change, because messes now wipe away with ease and I feel SO much better about it all.

The links

Chairs // frame // rug // valances // book one // book two // tea set // flowers // light fixture

I hope that you enjoyed this little update. We’re getting into my favorite time of the year and on top of that I will be moving and have so many lovely projects planned to share with you.




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