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A Glamorous & Elegant Tufted Bed by Overstock

3 m read

I’ve been on a new bed hunting journey for quite some time and am happy to report that I have finally found THE one!

Don’t get me wrong I did love my previous romantic styled bed but a tufted style will always have my heart.

Years ago I actually had a beautiful white tufted bed. However,  I let it go because it always felt like the thing was just going to collapse!

I didn’t feel safe having my little ones in bed with me and so that’s why I made the change.

The …

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A Modern Day Cinderella Wardrobe

3 m read

Cinderella I just love oh so much! Because of that, I thought it would be such a fun idea to do a modern-day Cinderella wardrobe featuring pieces from my very own closet!

I find myself consistently drawn to light blue pieces for my wardrobe. I believe the sole reason for this is because they remind me so much of Cinderella.

Altogether I came up with 4 different looks that have total Cinderella vibes. To me, these outfits not only embody her well-known color palette but also feature the soft femininity that we often associate with Cinderella. …

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Fairytale Aesthetic Pins

A Beautiful Peony Pink Box Bag by The Daily Edited

3 m read

I have been over the moon excited about sharing this bag with you. It arrived on my doorstep last week and when I opened up the packaging I couldn’t contain myself.

While browsing The Daily Edited website weeks before, I came across this bag. Right away I found myself drawn to it by the uniqueness of its shape.

If you caught my previous handbag post you already know I’m going crazy lately over uniquely shaped bags.

In that  post, I shared T

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Say Hello To HiMirror, A Mirror of The Future

6 m read

Thank you to HiMirror for sponsoring this post!

This mirror is quite possibly one of the coolest things I’ve had my hands on this year. It’s everything I’ve wished for when it comes to my skincare routine. This beauty can do so much it’s just hard to believe!

What initially drew me to this mirror were its capabilities for tracking my skin day by day. It does this while proving if the beauty products you’re using are working for you or against you.

Ladies, I kid you not, this mirror …

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Planning with the Day Designer

4 m read

Okay, so I have a bit of an obsession with planners. Scratch that. I have a HUGE obsession with planners!!

You may not quite believe me if I told you just how obsessed I am with planners. I haven’t shared this obsession with you very much so I would understand if you didn’t.

As a mother and blogger, I believe planners are a total essential. They can be so fun to personalize after a long day.

If your brain is a total scrambled mess like mine this planner is THE perfect companion for putting …

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The Source of Inspiration For My Feminine Home Decor

3 m read

I’ve been so excited about this collaboration & want to say a big thank you to for sponsoring this post which in turn allows me to keep the JLC dream alive!

Now, I think some would maybe call me a bit weird for this but hey, you find your inspiration where you find it.

When it comes to my home decor, I found inspiration from a piece that I brought back from a trip to Disney World. Honestly, all of Disney World had me inspired!

Maybe you saw this coming… I love Disney …

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